The island of Bali
B ali, the island of the Gods, is an unforgettable experience, even to the ones who have seen it all.

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The possibilities are extremely large: a wild beach 10 minutes away where the surfers can give all they have got, a beach 2 miles long where you can swim safely 5 minutes away, rafting in the middle of the lush vegetation, diving because one cannot forget that Indonesia is where there is the most important marine fauna in the world, walking among the terrace rice fields, eating fresh grilled fish on the beach in the moonlight,  facing the sea and of course the Balinese culture with more than 10000 temples spread around the whole island, the famous painters and the Balinese dances with so colorful costumes.

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Bali forever
One cannot leave Bali unscathed and the spirit of Bali will tell you to come back again and again.

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