More info about Bali and Indonesia
T he island of Bali lies in the center of the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia with its 250 million inhabitants distributed among 17.000 islands (6.000 uninhabited!) along the Equator in the Indian Ocean.
Indonesia is a democratic republic. The official language is the Indonesian (bahasa indonesia), but numerous regional languages are practiced (Javanese, Balinese), and English is commonly spoken in the places of interest in Bali. The official currency is the Indonesian rupiah (see change).

Indonesia is the most populated Muslim country in the world but Balinese follow for the major part Balinese Hinduism and welcome all other religions with great tolerance.

The island is one of the smallest of Indonesia with a surface about 5600 sq.kms and a population of 3 million inhabitants. It counts however a large variety of landscapes due to its volcanic origin.

Mount Agung is the highest point (3.100 m) whereas Mount Batur (1.700m) offers a magnificent sight over the lake of the same name. The inside land counts numerous rice fields and coasts have beautiful beaches of white or black sand as well as cliffs.

Life in Bali
B alinese preserved even nowadays former animistic traditions.

Very close to nature, they respect as nowhere else the fauna and flora of their island. We can see everywhere numerous altars at different places: foot of a tree, intersection of a road, in order to calm down the spirits.

Bali lived for a long time mainly from rice cultivation. Today the island also exports coffee and spices such as vanilla.
The arts are very rich: handicraft, stone carving, painting, music…

B ali enjoys a hot and humid climate all year long.

  Average temperature: 82F and in June, July and August, a high at 85F and a low at 76F.

  Average precipitation: 3 inches in April, May, June; 2 inches in July, August , September up to 14 inches in January.

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